Prefabricated reinforcement system

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General Business Conditions

During the construction process, there are several stages in which the investor has to deal with the issue of making reinforcements, such as when making: strip footings, wall beams, lintels and binders or reinforced concrete pins in elbow walls.
Proper reinforcement of the places intended for concreting is quite complicated and causes difficulties in terms of logistics.
The very purchase and transport of long bars is a troublesome matter. Cutting, bending, proper arrangement and joining together of the rods takes a lot of time and requires the involvement of experienced fixers, which results in a high cost of production.
To help the investor overcome the difficulties related to the execution of reinforcements, the TERMAT company offers a system of prefabricated reinforcement system: STAL TERM.

The system includes reinforcements of:

  • foundation footings,
  • wall beams,
  • elbow wall studs.

We offer reinforcement in the form of ready-made beams made of wire mesh welded from bars of appropriate diameter and corner connectors.
Based on the construction design received from the client, we make spatial beams up to 5 m long (plus overlaps). Such lengths of elements eliminate the problems associated with the transport of reinforcement. Appropriately marked reinforcement beams and corner fasteners arrive at the construction site.
All the work on the construction site boils down to arranging the beams in the right place - in accordance with the diagram attached by us - arranging the corner connectors and joining the laps of the beams and connectors with binding wire.
In addition to standard reinforcements, we also offer the investor assistance in the prefabrication of other steel elements present in a given project, such as: reinforcement of lintels, columns, beams, pillars, stairs. in this case, we can offer the customer a delivery of steel cut to size and bent in accordance with the design documentation.
Due to the relatively low weight, the transport of reinforcements can be combined with the transport of other materials offered by TERMAT.